March 18, 2012

Have been thinking about going to Bonnaroo and wishing I was going to see Bruce in Atlanta tonight. But I was happy to remember this little story from when Springsteen played Bonnaroo in 2009. It was my first time seeing Bruce, so my friends and I camped out to get a good spot. We knew Bruce fans wrote song requests on posterboard and that Bruce always played a couple of those requests. We thought it would be hilarious to hold up signs for 2 songs we knew he would play - “Badlands” and “Born to Run”. Then we would tell the people standing near us he was playing our requests. This would be very hilarious to my friends and I and hopefully really dumb to the people around us. But what we didn’t count on was Bruce coming way out in the crowd and taking our sign from us. Had we known that I would have definitely made a better request because he ended up playing “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”.

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